Yard Sale Junkie in Virginia Beach

Yard Sale Junkie???  Who ME??? I don’t know when I officially became a yard sale junkie. But, I can tell you how. I inherited it. MY DAD. He is the real deal. You know the rush you get from doing something over the top, like jumping out of a plane?? That’s what I get when I discover something incredibly cool or a flat out STEAL. Yard Sale JunkieSo, this morning I bought the Garage Sale Rover app for my iPhone. It plays nicely with my new GPS Drive app! By the way, I LOVE Garage Sale Rover. LOVE. You can search by your location, by the day, or by item. Bringing the kids? Hunt down all the toys, lickety-split! Looking for antiques? It will find them, then optimize the route for you! LOVE IT!!   Starting off in Kempsville, off Providence Road, my oldest got lucky! He found a Darth Vader Voice Changer.  It ranges anywhere from $10-$170!!  We got it for .50 cents!!  Whooohooo!!!  Then we scored some Annoying Orange figurines.  We knew my youngest would cherish each one!! We went to the oceanfront, stopping off in Shadowlawn, Old Beach, and Croatan.  Picked up some more toys and pretty things for the house.  The steal of the day was a Electronic Razor FUNCTIONAL Scooter for $25.  We passed.  Riding bikes is more our speed!

Free Blueberries!The BEST part of the day was finding Blueberries in Kempsville, though.

There was a little sign on Gale Drive, “Free Blueberries, YOU PICK.” YUM, YUM!!!!

Happy HUNTING!!! Did you find anything great this weekend?