Kellam High School: What homes are for sale?

Looking for information on Virginia Beach Schools?  Is Kellam High on your list?  See what neighborhoods attend Kellam and the elementary & middle schools that feed into Kellam. Neighborhoods that currently attend Kellam High School include: Pungo, Blackwater, Sandbridge, Strawbridge, Hunt Club, Red Mill, Red Mill Farm, Ocean Lakes, Munden Beach, Middle Oaks Plantation, Castleton, Pine Ridge, Sherwood Lakes, Three Oaks, High Gate Greens, Southern Woods, Lagomar, Lotus Garden, Princess Anne Woods, Heritage Park, Nimmo, Mathews Green, Ashville Park, Heron Ridge Estates, Court House Estates, and Indian River Plantation. Elementary Schools that feed into Kellam High School include North Landing, Princess Anne, Strawbridge, Red Mill, and Three Oaks. Princess Anne Middle is the only middle school right now that feeds into Kellam High.