#1 Criteria: Good Schools

When it was time to make the move, the #1 criteria for us was good schools.

Good Schools

We were torn between two different elementary schools,  Kingston Elementary and Kempsville Elementary. They both are very good schools with great adminstration.  Our boys have Autism and ADHD, so we had to make sure the special education department was up to par. It came down to location. We were already living in Kempsville and all our family lives in Kempsville.  So, we ended up choosing Kempsville and BOTH boys are thriving.


We have now been living in Bellamy Manor for FOUR YEARS! Kempsville is still a great school, even with its ups and downs. We have been through 3 assistant principals and now a new principal! Oh, how I am going to miss Dr. Chandler.

It is that time of year again to make a video of Connor for his teacher, assistant principal, and new principal. Hopefully it will help them understand his autism quirks better.

I don’t know how this happened, but the boys are getting ready to go into 3rd & 5th grade. Still looking for that STOP BUTTON.

In the Schools/Districts box, simply type in the school or schools of your choice.

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