Dying to live at the BEACH?!?! Does it call out your name???

Virginia Beach

Every time summer comes, I want to live at the beach.

Dreaming, yes?  Does that stop me from looking, no.   I dream of being able to hop on my bike, kids in tow, and head to the beach…any day, anytime!  The salt air, the surf, sand ALL call my name. Scream my name.  And it the pull gets stronger every year.

Anyone else want to live that dream too?

There are several beaches to live at in Virginia Beach: Croatan, Shadowlawn, North End, South End, and Sandbridge.  I like Shadowlawn.  Well, I love the North End, but if I want my family to live at the beach with me, Shadowlawn is more realistic! Croatan would work too. AND, I don’t need one of the gorgeous mansions on the beach. The cute bungalow 2 streets back would work! But, if I really have to be realistic, this dream won’t happen until the kids are grown and out of high school , specifically my youngest. As many of you know, he is on the Autism Spectrum and moving would detrimental to him. Kids on the spectrum, have a hard time with change. Which is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT.  When we moved last time, we “lost” Connor for about 6 months. Won’t be doing that again, no matter how loud the beach shouts my name! So…we will continue to make the trek from Kempsville to the Oceanfront at least for a few more years!!! For those of you ready to make the move or at least dream a little, here are the current homes on the market in Shadowlawn.  Want to take a peak?  I’m game!  Give me a ring at 757-724-1064.