Spring Camp 8pm Registration Opens

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Spring Camp 8pm Registration Opens

February 1

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FACT is proud to partner with Friends School which graciously shares their beautiful campus and allows us to host our programs there. Because Friends is a private school, their calendar and scheduled Spring Break do not always coincide with the public school calendar that FACT follows in order to serve the majority of students with autism in our area. When our calendars align, FACT will host a Spring camp.

We are happy to announce that spring 2019 Camp Gonnawannagoagin’ will be held at YMCA JT’s Camp Grom. Spring Camp will be in session from April 15th through April 19th, 2019, Mon.- Fri. from 9:00 to 3:00. Registration for Spring camp will open on February 1st 2019 @ 8pm.

Students ages 6 and up with the primary diagnosis of autism are eligible to attend. For these individuals, Camp Gonnawanngoagin’ is a haven from the daily struggles of learning, communicating with, and interpreting the world around them. We firmly believe that “children with autism are children first,” which is why Camp Gonnawanngoagin’ offers everything a day camp for typical children offer, activities will be coordinated according to weather.


February 1