Fun Family Activities

January 17, 2014

Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Other Hidden Gems in Hampton Roads

Sometime you have to RUN AWAY. Take MINI-ESAPES.  ….OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN…. Some of the places we love include Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Hatteras, 86th Street […]
January 7, 2014


I drank the Kool Aid…and I LOVED IT!!! Why is life SO good?  I am noticing the little things. Like when my oldest shares his newest […]
January 5, 2014

Cloud 9! Let's Be Kids Again!!!

Jump UP and DOWN EXCITED ABOUT CLOUD 9!!! I was insanely into gymnastics when I was younger and this place brought made me want to jump, […]
January 4, 2014

First Landing State Park – A Hidden Gem

Run…DO NOT Walk We’ve all explored First Landing State Park, the paths, the bay, and even the crazy fun rope swing. But, I bet there is […]