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A Million and One THANKS to OUR MILITARY

Oh, how I loved moving as a kid. Getting to re-invent myself every 2-3 years…and create fresh clean slate. California was my favorite state, by far. The beaches, the WAVES, the never-ending sunshine, the canyons, camping, not to mention the mountains & snow…. To everyone who lives the military life like I did for close to 21 years including our D.O.D., Wounded Warriors, Active Military, and Retired Military, we offer 20% of our commission to thank you when you hire us to take care of your real estate needs.

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*Cash rebates are available in most states; some restrictions may apply. The actual rebate is calculated on the commission earned by the Realtor® representing you in the transaction, therefore, you must be represented by an assigned Military on the Move real estate firm at closing to qualify. ** The rebate is 20% of the commission earned by the broker representing you. The total commission paid by the seller to the agent is typically divided between the real estate broker representing the seller and the real estate broker representing the buyer. In this illustration, the broker representing you is paid a commission of 3% of the sales price, but that rate may vary.