Top Elementary Schools in Hampton Roads for kids with Autism

For Parents by Parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum

Every week in Spectrum Parents, someone asks, “what is the best school for kids with autism?” For me it has always depended on:
1. ME
2. My Child
3. The Teacher
4. Administration
5. And what may work for one child at one school in one year, may not work for my child.
Since I did the last post that covered all grade levels,  everyone wanted to know the top Autism Elementary Schools.  Luckily, I have a great resource. Spectrum Parents listed 72 different schools in the area – from private to homeschooling to public.

So what is number ONE?? Homeschooling. By a long shot. Some of us can stay home and teach our own kiddos while others of us definitely cannot. (Btw, I’m in the latter camp)

Top TEN Public and Private Schools in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the surrounding areas

Click the schools to see different homes for sale in that area 😉
  1. Hermitage in Virginia Beach
  2. Chittum in Western Branch, Chesapeake
  3. Christopher Farms in Virginia Beach
  4. Plan B Academy in Chesapeake (Private School)
  5. Northern Shores in Suffolk 
  6. Pembroke Elementary in Virginia Beach
  7. Kempsville Elementary in Virginia Beach
  8. Butts Road Elementary in Chesapeake 
  9. Trantwood Elementary in Virginia Beach 
  10. Alanton Elementary in Virginia Beach 

But, just because those are the top ten does not mean there aren’t other fabulous schools made up of incredible teachers for our kiddos…

“A million times yes for Corporate Landing. THREE years of preschool and kindy this year. So pleased we do out of zone placement as we are actually zoned for Cooke. I truly cannot say enough about the special ed teachers and therapists – my son has simply thrived with their care and attention!” – Stacey “I can never praise the teachers and staff at Brookwood in VB enough – they were absolutely fantastic and treated our son and us like we were the most important people at that school!” – Margaret Lacher

New to the area or diagnosis? Be sure to join or attend your local SEAC meetings.

SEAC – The major purpose of SEACs is to provide an opportunity for parents and other school board appointees to have a voice in the way school divisions provide services to students with disabilities. SEACs are extensions of local school boards since members are appointed by them, and SEACs provide reports and recommendations to their school boards. CHESAPEAKENORFOLK – VIRGINIA BEACH – PORTSMOUTHSUFFOLKHAMPTON – VDOE SEAC   Related Posts: Autism Journey Autism Calendar Top Questions to Ask Schools When You Are Moving