Lee's Lil' Shorebreakers 2014

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers 3rd Annual Surf Camp

Lee's Lil's Shorebreakers

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers….is like no other surf camp.

Lee's Lil's ShorebreakersEvery year it gets better and better and this summer was simply magical. Thank you Jean, Brian, Nick, Lauren, Jessica (& her man), Ryan, Mike, Courtney, Chad, our friend known only as ‘Z’, Matt, Rob, & Nancy – for all that you do for our kiddos – it was beyond amazing ūüėČ Grateful does not begin to cover how special I felt to be a small part of this camp. ¬†I loved, loved, loved capturing the growth and confidence of each surfer everyday. They were insanely determined – sun, rain, and hurricane. #leeslilshorebreakers¬† #rideeverywavelikeitsyourlast  

To Jean and Brian from Beverly Blanche

My heart aches this morning for Jean Smith Brackins & Brian Brackins (and Reef too!)

THREE years ago today they lost their beloved son in a surfing accident in Virginia Beach. Every day can be a struggle and some days worse than others and this will be one of those days. Sending out mega love and prayers for them as well as for the rest of Lee’s family and friends as well.

Lee loved to surf and in honor of him Jean and Brian created a non-profit called¬†Lee’s Lil Shorebreakers. This organization works to spend time with children teaching them to surf as a Legacy to Lee. I was privileged to be a part of the surf camp in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago and oh how amazing it was! The smiles and happiness on those children’s faces was beyond compare as you can see by the video below put together by¬†Suzi Toth Noyes-Realtor.

This has become the Brackin’s passion. Can you please say some prayers for them today and even better- let’s see if we can make this day a little brighter. Please head over to the page for Lee’s Lil Shorebreakers, read the story and like the page. Please share and invite your friends to like the page.

Let’s show some love please! Thank you ever so much!¬†

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers 2014 Video

Photography is my passion and Real Estate is how I feed my family.

These photos are yours – ¬†free and without my logo ‚Äď to love, download, print, and hopefully frame.

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers¬†Day¬†1:¬†Grab Your Photos Here

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers¬†Day 2:¬†Grab Your Photos Here

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers¬†Day 3:¬†Grab Your Photos Here

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers¬†Day 4:¬†Grab Your Photos Here

Lee’s Lil’ Shorebreakers¬†Day 5:¬†Grab Your Photos Here

In Lee’s Honor

Thank you Ryan for hosting this event at Dockside for all of Lee’s family & friends last night. The love in that room for Lee was felt by everyone. Lee's Lil's Shorebreakers


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