Run on the Wild Side at The Norfolk Zoo

Sunny is an inspiration to us ALLRace - Run on the Wild Side - Sunny 500th Race_-5

When she invited us to come support her race at Run on the Wild Side to celebrate her 500th Race, we knew we’d be there without a doubt. She has kindest soul and encourages all to do their best because that is her mission.  She was diagnosed with cancer and dedicated to running 1000 races.  YES, 1000 RACES. This is her 500th Race.

At Run on the Wild Side, she hit 500th RACE

I know my family and several other families love her to pieces.  She has coached, gently pushed and lovingly encouraged all our kids to exercise and run all while making it fun. She is incredibly special to be able to accomplish that with kids on the Autism Spectrum.   While at Run on the Wild Side, she pushed Ainsley Angels with a rally of friends supporting her, running right by her side and cheering on the sidelines.

Race - Run on the Wild Side - Sunny 500th Race_

Sunny Showed us her Collection of ALL HER MEDALS AND BIBS

While we were there she told us on one of her runs, she found a 1/2 dollar bill and ever since she has been looking for the other half.
Sunny and her Medals

Payton Found it for HER 😉

The Race – The 500th Race at Run on the Wild Side

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Run on the Wild Side Part 1: Grab Your Photos Here

Run on the Wild Side Part 2: Grab Your Photos Here


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