Welcoming Brody!!!! Baby Shower Celebration!!!

Baby Shower

We Love Life

My mom and I are incredibly grateful to everyone we help buy and sell a home.  Yesterday, while at Courtney’s Baby Shower, everyone was asked to introduced themselves and say how we knew Courtney.  It was really neat to say that we have known the family for about 30 years and that Courtney and Amanda actually remember riding in my mom’s car while they were house hunting so many years ago.  When we looked around the room, I can’t tell you how special we felt to be part of Courtney’s day.

Baby Shower

Coming Right Along Brody…

Photography is my passion and Real Estate is how I feed my family.  

These photos are yours free and without my logo – to love, download, print, and frame.  Baby Shower Photos

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We value your service. John, my Dad and my mother’s husband, served in the Navy for over 20 years. We’ve packed and unpacked houses more times than we care to remember. So, from one Military Family to another-thank you. $200,000 = $1200 cash back $300,000 = $1800 cash back $400,000 = $2400 cash back $500,000 = $3,000 cash back Reach us anytime: 757-724-1064 or suzinoyes@williamewood.com [idx-listings linkid=”163453″ count=”3″ showlargerphotos=”true”]