McDonald Garden Center – How to Build a Birdhouse!!

 How to Build a Birdhouse….the Autism way!!!

 How to build a Birdhouse

McDonald Garden Center located in Virginia Beach is always doing something fun for kids. But, they are incredible by taking it a step beyond every time for us and for our kids on the Autism Spectrum.

How to build a Birdhouse

Our little Autism Group, Spectrum Parents, have enjoyed making Scarecrows, Venus Flytrap Plants, and now Birdhouses – all at McDonald Garden Center. The next event on the list is the Strawberry Event.

How to build a Birdhouse

RJ, the store manager always goes above and beyond by making sure our Autism group is taken care of and we could not be any more grateful to him and his crew.  Much, much love!!!!!

Photos: Autism Friendly Event at McDonald Garden Center

…(they are yours – to print, share, love, and frame)

Photography is my passion, but Real Estate is how I feed my family and support the Autism Community – every chance I get through Spectrum Parents and the Autism Society.


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