I drank the Kool Aid…and I LOVED IT!!!

Why is life SO good?  I am noticing the little things. Like when my oldest shares his newest Lego creation.  Or when my youngest jumps for joy in his new Vans. Or when we get invited to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Wounded Warriors on Saturday. And this all happened TODAY. 

But, what was the absolute BEST part of today?  Meeting a GREAT group of friends at Cloud9, without the kids.  Yes, I said it – we went without our children and it was EPIC.  Tons and tons of laughter could be heard throughout the building, jumping, flips, and literally turning into giddy kids again was simply amazing.  AND I cannot WAIT to do it again!!


I originally saw the idea on FB – you know, noticing the little things and journaling about them each day.  Well, I had to find an app for it and I did – Gratitude365.  I am so keeping up with this app.  Most of the time, I have at least 5 things I am grateful for in life.

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