Lee's Lil ShoreBreakers…Ride Every Wave Like It's Your Last

Lee’s Lil ShoreBreakers

Jean and Brian Brackins started Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers to make sure that Lee, their son, will never be forgotten.  It all started the summer that Lee turned 11, when Jean and Brian sent him to surf camp. That is where Lee fell in love…with the thrill of catching waves.  Lee’s nick-name was Shore Break for the first few years until he finally got the nerve to paddle out to where the better waves would break. Brian would get up just about every morning and drive him and his friends down to the beach and Lee was always the first one in and the last one out, he would never rest, he wanted to be the best, he dreamed of being a pro. He and his friends grew up but never grew apart and any free time they had would be spent at the beach surfing.  On August 25, 2011, his mom received a text from Lee telling her he was meeting Michael and Jimmy…the waves were ok, but they wanted to get some surfing in before the beaches were shut down due to Hurricane Irene.

Lee's Lil Shorebreakers

Her last words to him were have fun, please be careful and “I love you.” At 6:30 she received a call telling her that something had happened to Lee, they were working on him at the beach, and she needed to come right away. Before Jean could get down to the beach, she received another call to go to VA Beach General, that is where he was pronounced dead. As usual, Lee was the first one in the water that day.  When he got on his board, he decided to do a barrel roll, but he was not aware there was a high sandbar right under him. As he rolled the board he hit the sand with enough force that he broke his neck and went into cardiac arrest….he died doing what he loved. To always remember Lee, Jean and Brian Brackins formed Lee’s Lil Shore Breakers to honor their son Lee Terrell and to teach children from the ages of 10 to 12 to surf. They work with at risk children that come from one parent homes and do not have anyone to guide them down the right road. Last summer was their first year having camp and that is when I witnessed the magic.  Jean and Brian with tons of volunteer instructors, budding surfers, and tearful parents. It was simply amazing.  This year, I was invited back to take capture some special moments.  I am honored to be part of such an insanely awesomel surf camp. [easingsliderpro id=”8″]
Photography is my passion, but Real Estate is how I feed my family and support the Autism Community – every chance I get through Spectrum Parents.

Parents and Lee’s Lil Shorebreakers…here are all the photos from the slideshow. They are yours to use as you like – share, print, FRAME, and love 😉

Jean and Brian donate own time and money to help kids learn how to surf, just like Lee.  In order to do this, they need your help with this too. They are asking for donations…every little bit helps…and since they are a federally recognized non-profit with a tax ID number your donation will be tax-deducible. Make checks out to Lee’s Lil’ Shore Breakers, & mail them to Towne Bank, 600 22nd Street, Va. Beach, VA 23451, attn: Teller Line. The tax ID number is 35-2434632. Thank you for your help…

Ride every wave like its your last!