Kids as Judges??? Yep, for the new Kid's Menu at Fruitive! YUM! YUM!

Kids as Judges???  Yep, for the new Kid’s Menu at Fruitive!  YUM! YUM!

Fruitive Taste Testing a Kids Menu

I was stoked to get a message across my feed on Saturday for a Taste Testing Event at Fruitive for their new Kid’s Menu. As soon as my oldest heard about it, he was all in until we got there and he saw the menu items!  He is such a picky eater!

The Green Monster really scared him.  But, he ended up liking four items: Orange Julius, Cucumber Sandwich, Mexican Wrap, and The Pink Dragon Bowl.  Ofcourse, our youngest loved everything but the Cucumber Sandwich with his favorite being The Chocolate Monkey Smoothie.  YUM!!!!

[easingsliderpro id=”6″] Fruitive is local, plant-based cafe the supports a healthy lifestyle in Hilltop, Virginia Beach.  I am so stoked to have watched them grow – I hope more places take note!!!! Homes for sale in and around Hilltop and all the way to the Oceanfront: [idx-listings linkid=”333771″ count=”8″ showlargerphotos=”true”]