How Much Is That Home Inspection???

How much is that Home Inspection?

A Home inspection in Virginia Beach and the surroundings areas can run $300 to $400, depending on who you hire.

Home Inspection and Buying Process

Who Pays for it?

The buyer is responsible for the home inspection.  Depending on your contract, it usually occurs within 5-15 days of ratification.  Once the home inspection is done, then the buyer decides a couple of things:
  1. Do they still want the house?
  2. Do they want repairs to be made by the seller?

What Happens Next?

If they decide to walk from the contract, they will typically receive their earnest money check back.  If they decide to continue, then they have a couple more steps – termite inspection, loan app (if not already done), choosing a closing attorney, and appraisal.

Are there any other fees for the Buyer?

Yes.  The earnest money, possibly the termite inspection depending on the contract, and appraisal.

More…Step by Step Home Buying Process:

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