Renovating: Some buyers have no problem seeing changes, others can't do it at all….

Are you someone who can automatically envision renovating a home as soon as you walk in the door???

Take that wall down, add an island in the kitchen, change out the hardware, and put up crown molding in the doorways and over the windows???

Some buyers have no problem seeing changes, others can’t do it at all, and that’s ok. We can help, we love helping buyers see small and big changes 😉

Our buyers, Joe and Ketzie can remodel a home in a blink of an eye.  They envisioned immediately what they wanted to do to their new home…they have renovated homes extensively…and they love doing it.  Every home we showed them, they had great ideas on how to make each one better.

When they found the one, Joe and Ketzie took a somewhat typical “transitional” home and made it their own.

It is simply incredible.  They did more than transform it..  Now, they all love to come home to it because they added very special touches. They made it a place they can relax and spend time with their three wonderful children.

Take a peak….I bet you get motivated and do some changes in your own home 😉

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The mudroom is by far my favorite part of the remodel. It is straight out of Pottery Barn – you are going to LOVE it.  From there, they added fabulous molding throughout the home making it more than just a typical “WOW.”

We love, love, love what you have done to your home.  Thank you for sharing it with us, Joe & Ketzie!!!


Got questions?  We would love to talk real estate with you.  If you would like to schedule a buyer or seller meeting with us, please feel free to call Suzi directly at 757-724-1064 or send us a note here.



We value your service. John, my Dad and my mother’s husband, served in the Navy for over 20 years. We moved every 2-2.5 years, like clock-work. We’ve packed and unpacked houses more times than we care to remember. So, from one Military Family to another-thank you.

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