Six Must Have Apps for Homebuyers


House Hunting has done a complete 180.

Just a few years ago if you wanted information on a home, you would drive neighborhoods, see a sign, grab the flyer and call the agent for more information. Apps have changed everything.  Sure, you still need to drive neighborhoods.  But, if you want a more fun more, instant gratification house hunting experience, take a peak at these apps and THEN go house hunting!

This is the most powerful homebuyer’s too available.  Search homes nearby and you will see a map of your location come up and all the houses for sale and sold will be displayed.  The dot on the map?  Yes, that is me! and Homebuying


Evernote is the best electronic notebook ever.  It is by far my most favorite productive app.  You can take notes, pictures, video and audio of everything and everywhere you go.  Let’s say you are driving your favorite neighborhood in Virginia Beach, the North End, and you see a home you love.  Snap a picture, drop it in your conviently named “North End, Oceanfront” notebook and write up a few notes about the home so you remember it later that day.  We use Evernote EVERYDAY! 
Evernote and Homebuying

Sample Notes: #1!! On the water with views of First Landing State Park!


Data driven?  Then you’ll need Sitegeist, available on your iPhone or Android. It is quiet amazing. It gives you the local average age, income, gender, political contributions, how people commute, average home value, average rent, how many people rent & tons more!!!!

Sitegeist & Homebuying


Wikihood instantaneously displays what is important and interesting at a given location.  This might be a new favorite for my youngest!!!

Wikihood & Homebuying

Mortgage Calculator

There are tons and tons of Mortgage Calculators!  I use the Mortgage Calculator Pro by SVT Software.  It costs 99 cents, but it is worth it. Yes, it lets you add insurance and taxes.  Get the whole monthly payment, not just principal and interest!

photo 1

Mortgage Calculator Pro House Hunting


HomeSnap is sooo much fun!!  And, kinda scary.  Take a picture of any home and it will identify it and tell you how much it’s worth.

Homesnap & homebuying

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