Need Social Skills??? Get BrickHeadZ!


BrickHeadz Lego & Social Skills Class

SenseAbilities and BrickHeadz have joined forces to create a social skills group for kids on the autism spectrum. I am ELATED.

BrickHeadz is a unbelievably awesome place.  

Vanessa Siedlecki, the owner is one of the most out-of-the box creative, non-stop energetic people I know.  And, she has an uncanny way with our kids.  She has had practice though, as she too has a son on the Autism Spectrum.  Vanessa knew there was a need for a social skills group within the autism community,  so she created one within BrickHeadz.  It incorporates legos AND social skill teachable moments!!!!

Did I mention they have LEGOS?? 

BrickHeadz Lego & Social Skills Class

So what skills does BrickHeadz offer my kids in this 8 week class?

  • Appropriate interaction with friends and adults (YAY!!)
  • Recognize feelings…not just the sad face on a picture.  But to know when they are sad and WHY.
  • Ability to work with others…I think we all need a course in this one!!

BrickHeadz Lego & Social Skills Class

To register, contact SenseAbilities at 757-718-8505 or

Here are a few words from my dear friend about BricHeadZ “Kids Night Out” program…

LEGO brickheadz kids night out Rocked … My very picky lil guy had a blast. Even lil sister didn’t want to leave… I had to wait for them to leave!!! MY SON IS INTERACTING AND INITIATING CONVERSATION WITH KIDS !!! Awesome;) Thank you for introducing such an awesome program to our family, I love this group!

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