The Local Real Estate Market is HOT!!!


Virginia Beach Real Estate Market is Rebounding!!!

Anywhere we go, the conversation turns to the real estate market.  Last night, at a listing appointment, about half way through – the conversation made it to the market.

Our Local Real Estate Market is HOT

Tons of buyers are out right now not only because the interest rates are so low, but because they are afraid of what may happen now that the election is over.

Inventory is dwindling in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, & all over Hampton Roads.

Just the other day, we were showing in Sajo Farms – a newer community off Newtown Road. Get this – they have sold 9 homes priced $350k-$500k since the election.  Just last month, one of our listings sold in 8 days and had 4 offers on it.  One was ABOVE the asking price.

We had a VERY active market last month…

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and all over Hampton Roads Real Estate Stats

Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and the greater Hampton Roads Real Estate Market

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