Stepping up the Security at all Virginia Beach Schools

  Last night when the phone rang with the schools number on it, I didn’t think for a second the message would be about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But, sure enough Virginia Beach Schools stated that they would be stepping up security at every elementary school with either a Deputy or Police Officer. I am thinking Middle Schools and High Schools already have Police Officers present. This morning, I was in no rush to wake my kids. When they finally did wake, my youngest was sick and my oldest was fine. So, when I took him to his school -Kempsville Elementary, the Sheriff was standing at the Security Desk with Mrs. Okinsky, our Security Assistant. I told the Sheriff I was glad to see her and she smiled warmly. It gave me peace of mind know she was there with Mrs. O. It is time for change. Duffy Clark, another parent at Kempsville Elementary feels strongly about change. She made the news talking about how they should install metal detectors in each school: Talking to your kids about school shootings