Day Before Closing! Scrutinize That HUD.

Getting to the Closing Table


Everyone who has bought or sold loves getting to the closing table. Whoa Nelly. Let’s scrub that HUD and make sure all the figures are correct.  

First.  What is a HUD???

A HUD-1 Statement has all the final figures on it when you are buying or selling a home.  

  1. The sales price
  2. Gross amounts:  Cash at settlement due from or to the buyer and seller
  3. They will ensure that the seller contributions to the buyer is correct (closing costs paid by the seller)
  4. Insurance, title charges, attorney fees
  5. Lender fees and Broker Fees
  6. City and State taxes

That’s it.  Just the Final Figures.

Once they scrub it, they will send it on to you.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  

Your Realtor, Attorney, and Lender all work for you.  Ask any questions – anytime.

HUD-1 Statement  (Closing Statement)HUD-1 Statement (Closing Statement)

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