My Typical Ranch Home in Kempsville Underwent MAJOR Renovations

Kempsville Home Renovations

Take the WALL DOWN!

I could kick myself for not doing this sooner.  I love the wide open spaces, the light colored couch we found at Haverty’s and my pillows I snatched up from TJ Maxx.

Kempsville Great Room Renovations

Kempsville Great Room

Who knew that taking out a wall, adding some crown molding, paint, and new furniture could do so much. Being a realtor, I thought knew it.  I knew how much value it adds to a home- but, not all the emotions you experience when physically do it yourself. The roller coast you go on during renovations is intense.  But, the outcome is so worth it.  I love my home now.  AND, I did not think that was possible. My home was the typical ranch home.  Kempsville is full of ranches.  Very similar to the “Great Bridge Specials.” You will know one when you see it.  The living room and family room are back to back and VERY long.  Taking out the wall made my room a perfect SQUARE (22×22). LOVE IT.

We overhauled the Dining Room/Office too!  IKEA style.

We have not had a dining room in years.  It has been my office or a playroom.  But, with the latest renovations, we decided to go IKEA style.  Eventually, we will add a flatscreen and little couch to make it a library, sitting room, or study for the kids.




  If you are thinking about doing some renovations, reach out anytime.  We are happy to brainstorm with you 😉  Or if you just need someone to listen, we can do that too! Photos of the original floor plan  are in this post:  Update: Renovations in a Great Bridge Special, Yep.  That’s US.