Live in Kempsville? Considering a Short Sale? Don't Do It Alone.

Short Sale in Kempsville

I got a chance to talk with Chase Dandridge, a Legal Assistant who works at Charlie Pittman’s Firm in Kempsville (near Landstown Middle School). He shed some light on Short Sale changes.

First, we only use Charlie Pittman for Short Sales, an Attorney in Kempsville.

They handle it from A-Z.  They tell you the pros and cons.  AND, they work their butts off. Get this, “60% of their sellers are now getting money back at closing, depending on loan type.”  WOW. That is NEW.  Anywhere from $1000-$35,000, which is extreme. Also, some banks are now giving incentives to do a short sale-again depending on your loan.

Negatives for Foreclosures-

Some people are barred from certain jobs. And, it is more detrimental to your credit to do a foreclosure vs. a short sale.

To hire Pittman

It is $100 upfront and then $500 at closing. Realtor fees are covered by the bank. Got questions?  Email