Make a Scarecrow-at McDonald Garden Center. Top BET.

I missed it last year.

It was not going to happen AGAIN.

Make a Scare Crow, McDonald Garden Center

We pulled into McDonald Garden Center this morning about 10am and the parking lot was almost packed.  ALREADY.  On SUNDAY. Well, now I know why. Make a  Scarecrow is a rockin’ event.

AND so ORGANIZED. They have rows of scarecrows set up with bins of clothes and supplies in the middle, all from CHKD. Why would CHKD supply the clothes? Because 100% of all the proceeds benefit CHKD.

For $25 a scarecrow, it was WELL WORTH IT. My youngest was all in it. My oldest got a bit distracted when a little girl lost her ring. He spent almost the whole time searching for that ring.  Sweet boy.

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