Renovations in a Great Bridge Special, Yep. That's US.

Even though we don’t live in Chesapeake, we still have a very typical ranch-just in Kempsville, Virginia Beach.

All the rooms-living room, dining room, family, eat-in kitchen, pantry, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath.  Nothing “TADA” here! Until I decided the wall was coming down this year. No matter what.  When we first bought the house four years ago, we knew the wall had to go.  But, last year’s Christmas Party finally sold us.  We squeezed in 70 people in the family room so everyone could see their kiddo on Santa’s lap.  It was a little tight to say the least. Renovations  

PLAN: Take out the wall this year.  Period.

So, last week we started construction.Demo first-taking down the wall was easy. Renovations Putting up the 22 foot beam was a something else.  But, they did it. Renovations   WOW. Here is our wide open 22 x 22 foot room.  

Now, we have “TADA.”

Renovations   Next on the list: the old paneling came down, so we need to finish the walls, put up new trim, add a transom window, new french doors to replace the old slider, paint & carpet.  We already bought our new couch and picked out the lighting.  2 fans and a foyer light. Let me tell you, if you don’t think picking out fans and a foyer light can send you to the looney bin, think again.