First ODU Football Game – First WIN!! GO BLUE!!!

The ODU Football team rocked it last night – at least in the second half of the game.   They so turned it around. Losing by 10 points at half time and scoring 47 points in the second half!!  Impressive.  But, what do I know…it was the first football game I had been to since high school!!!

What I loved the most was the energy in the stands. It ranged from over-the-top excitement, fist-raising anger, & pure joy.  Too boot, pride soared throughout the air the whole game.

It was so much fun!!  Here is a quote from one of ODU’s fans Katie Tobin,

I was there! Awesome game. I was close enough to see the players sweat! Man it was awesome. I was very glad to see the 2nd half of the game they decided to show up and really play. Awesome night, just awesome.


Here is a full ODU Football schedule. My oldest son gets to go soon!  I will let you know what he thinks!!!