Steps to BUYING Your NEW HOME!

My mom and I make such a GREAT team because she brings years (28+) of over-the-top, hands down, need-to-know knowledge & I bring out-of-the box, energy-filled enthusiasm to the process. Together we have over 33 years experience!

Steps To Buying Your New Home:

We created this PREZI for buyers.  Buying a home, be it your first, second, or third can be like walking through the CIRCUS, CIRCUS mirror mazes in Las Vegas!!!  So, here are The Steps to Buying your New Home.  It is a quick, informative PREZI to makes the steps to buying your new home a tad bit easier.
  1. Tell us your needs & wants in a home
  2. Contact a lender to get pre-qualified so you have a road map
  3. Search here: Love Where You Live
  4. Let Suzi know your favorites and when you’d like to go (24 hours needed to make the appointments)
  5. The DAY has ARRIVED!!!  Time to go look at homes with Suzi.
  6. Finding “The One” (May take several days or ???)
  7. Preparation of Offer (Earnest Money Required Now & Chose Closing Agent, Inspectors, Homeowners)
  8. Negotiating Your Offer (The seller can accept, reject, counter, or never respond)
  9. Ratification occurs when buyer and seller come to a meeting of the minds. (Pam takes over from here)
  10. Once Ratified, it is time for contingency inspections: Home Inspections, Termite, Pool, etc
  11. Conduct Home and Pool Inspection
  12. Repairs Needed: Negotiate Repairs OR Walk-away
  13. Termite Inspection
  14. Appraisal Ordered (Underwriting Completed with Lender: Final Loan Hurdle)
  15. Final Walk-Thru (Day Before or Day of Closing)
  16. Close & Get Your Keys

 Hurdles to get through:

  1. Negotiating the Contract
  2. Home Inspection
  3. Termite Inspection
  4. POA/Condo Docs (if applicable)
  5. Full Loan Approval
  6. Appraisal
Ready?  Call/email/text with any questions. 757-724-1064
We show homes 7 days a week 😉