There is nothing like 4×4 Beaches!

Corava Horses North Carolina

We took a road trip to Carova, North Carolina today and had a spectacular time!  The beach was practically our own and the waves were beautiful. Not to mention the horses!  We went to the road ends in Carolla, then put our old Bronco in four wheel drive, and let her rip! The kids each had a turn driving on Daddy’s lap and Mario, our “puppy” discovered the ocean! He was insanely FAST and even though we have taken him to the beach several times, he decided he would finally out his paw in today.  He had a blast! The kids giggling every time my hubby splashed through the water was the best, though.  They were in the back and the window was down so every once in a while, they got sprayed. I wish I could freeze moments like these forever.   Our goal this morning was to check out rentals for the summer, but we had too much fun playing so I think we will have to go back down again!