Massive Giveaway at the Farmer's Market!!!

Yesterday while I was strolling around the Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market, I got a chance to talk to some of the store owners.  Did you know that Kempsville Florist & Gifts has been doing flowers for over 35 years?  
And, Skipper Farms is practicing Organics?  Growing organically comes naturally to them as this is how they were raised.  They don’t use pesticides or herbicides.  What they do is “grow more than enough.”  Instead of just planting enough for the family and now their HUGE following, they grow 1/3 for the bugs, 1/3 for the critters, and 1/3 for themselves.  If they get weeds, they pull them out!  Skipper is a WEALTH of information!!!
While visiting the Florist, she told me about Sweetheart Week.  It is unbelievable.  You see the owners have gone crazy at the Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market!!!  They have put together a HUGE giveaway totaling over $300.00!!!  The stores include: 
Chapman’s Gifts, Country Butcher, Gilly’s Creamery, Jutta’s Candles and Gifts, Kempsville Florist, Princess Anne Country Grill, Seasons Best Bakery & Candy, The Garden Box, The Nesting Box, Uncle Chucks Seafood, Valentines Day, Virginia Garden Organics.  
There is no purchase necessary and you can register at ALL the stores to increase your chances!!!  BUT, you have to act fast and get your tickets by FRIDAY, February 10, 2012.  Because on Saturday, February 11, at 2:00 pm, they are going to announce the winner!!!   I only have 2 tickets so I may have to go back!  The first picture is the flyer with all the giveaways!