How is the Market doing TODAY?

If we did a survey and asked how the market doing? “Things are horrible!” People are less confident today than they have been in 30 years. Where is the stock market? 60-65% of Americans say it is down, and a significant amount of those people, say it is down substantially. Where is unemployment? “Oh, it is up! Things are BAD!” But, things are not as bad as people think. This slide is from yesterday, by Steve Harney…

The Dow is up 8.2%, S&P is up 6.6%, and NASDAQ is 8.8%.  Things are down, too.  The interest rate is down 3/4 of a percent.  AND, unemployment is down .5%.  Wooohoooo!  That is good news!

Well, what about Real Estate?

More good news!

So, is the market getting better?

That is a 30% increase in residential sales nationally.  This is ALL great news.  Let’s hope we keep going in this direction!