Buying a home with kids in tow

Buying a home is the all American Dream.  With home prices dramtically reduced from 2006 prices, buyers are jumping up and down.  Not to mention interest rates less than 5% (in VA Beach and good credit). 

I just ran across a HUD home in Kempsville, Virginia Beach for under $85,000!  Right now, it is only open to owner occupants, nonprofit, or Government agencies.  The bid period ends 2/15/10.  So, if you want to own, now is not a bad time!

But, I digress.  When you are looking with your kids, it can be difficult.  No matter what the age.  If they are young, you might be more worried about what they are doing than looking at the house.  Especially if you are like me and have kids with special needs. 

I have two boys, one with ADD that can ping off the walls and my youngest is on the Autism spectrum.  They are 5 and 7.  So, you can imagine when we bought last year…

Because both my boys have special needs, I understand the process and can by a little stressful. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home and have kids with special needs, I can help you or refer you to an agent that is sensitive to our kids.

Also, because the local programs have helped my family so greatly, I give back.  For every closing, I give a portion of my commission to TASA or TACA. 

Suzi Noyes

William E. Wood and Associates

Licensed in VA