What has sold in Bellamy Manor, Kempsville?

Bellamy Manor is in the heart of Kempsville, Virginia Beach. The schools that serve Bellamy Manor include Providence Elem or Kempsville Elem, Kempsville Middle, and Kempsville High. It is located inbetween Providence Road and Kempsville Road and a couple of miles from I-64 and I-264. Kempsville Recreation Center, Kempsville Library, and the 4th Precinct are all within the neighborhood. Nearby neighborhoods include Stratford Chase, Indian Lakes, Fox Run, Larkspur, Fairfield, etc.

In the last 6 months, 11 homes have sold. They ranged in price from $243,000 to $435,000. In this report, the two neighborhoods include the original Bellamy Manor and Bellamy Manor Estates. The higher end streets includes Admiration Dr, Larkwood Ct, Bellamy Ct, & Birks Lane, which were all built 1974-2007. The older section was from 1962-1971. The smallest home was a little over 1200 square feet and sold for 243,000, which was higher than asking price. The largest home was 3500 square feet and sold for $435,000 and less than asking price.

Did the sellers get close to asking price? For the most part, all the homes were in within $5000 of asking other than Admiration Drive, which was @20K less than asking. If I dig a little deeper and look at previous listing terms, the gap might be a little wider. Some homes may have been listed before with a higher asking price. Eventually, the price comes down and the last price is reported at closing.

Currently, there are 9 homes for sale, 2 pending, and 6 homes that did not sell-as of this report.  To get all the listings, email suzinoyes@williamewood.com.

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Suzi Noyes


William E. Wood and Associates