Foreclosure/Short Sale lists updated – Any good Deals?

Searching…5 br home in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach for under $300K.

How about Salem Woods, close to 2500 square feet, 5 br, for $285K?

I think it is a good deal.  Without seeing it, I think the one in Pines of Warrick from my last post is the better deal.  But, let's look at the cost per square foot. Salem Woods runs about $124. This house is $117.

One just closed 8/09 in the same cul-de-sac as this home for $197K.  It was a 4br/2ba, 2100 square foot home.  It was $93 a square foot. At $93 per square foot, the 5 br would be about $232,000. 

Decisions, decisions. 

Suzi Noyes

757-724-1064 (Foreclosure Link)