What is going on in Kempsville, Virginia Beach?


How many homes are on the market?  224 for sale

How many are under contract?  71 pending

How many did not sell? 61 listings expired


How many sold? 222 sold


How long did it take? 71 days on average


How close to the asking price was the sales price? 96% to sales price on average


What is the comparison of expired listing prices versus sold listing prices? $152 vs. 140 sq. ft= $12 a square foot too high on average. 


Fascinating, isn't it???


Individual neighborhoods and their stats (great stuff!)


Stats are great information to have when buying or selling your home.  When you are buying a home, look at the different neighborhoods and compare how fast they are selling and for what % of asking price. If you like the numbers, it is a good investment. 

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