My house did not sell, now what???

Get it back on the market!  I know it is tiresome and you really do not want to do it again. But, it is crunch time for buyers.  

The 8K is about to expire – November 30, 2009.  These buyers don't want to take the chance of losing the 8k and they want to buy now.

THIS IS NOT JUST FOR FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS. They are out looking constantly.  Make sure your house is ready.

The credit is available to those who have not owned a home in 3 years.  Also, a parent can co-sign with their child, who has an income.  Or a child can co-sign for their parents.  The buyer, be it the parent or the child, will still receive the money even if their co-signer owns a home. 

So, it is not JUST for first time home buyers. Tons of buyers are out trying to beat the deadline.

It is also crunch time for those trying to get into a certain school district, be it Kempsville High School, Cox High School, Salem High School, First Colonial High School, Landstowne High School, Green Run High School, Bayside High School, Tallwood High School, or Kellam High School.  Those are just Virginia Beach Schools. 

Last year, I was one of those people.  I wanted my kids in Kempsville Elementary as my youngest has a disability and Kempsville has a great program for him.  So, there were only a few neighborhoods I could choose from to get in Kempsville. 

Do you think I was a serious buyer?  Yes. 

Do you think I moved quickly when the right house came on the market?  Yes. 

Our house was on the market for 1 day. We bought last year-2008. 

So, a house priced right, in the right location can still move that fast. 

Imagine if the house had been priced 5-10% below market.  It may have had multiple bidders.  It happens all the time.  I had a buyer with 5 kids who wrote 5 offers as the competition is FIERCE for larger homes under 300K.  Did she have to compete with other buyers? Yes.

Get your house on the market.  Don’t waste another day.  Call us and we can take fabulous pictures, video, and get it on the right websites to get it sold, not to mention traditional marketing! 

Signing off with energy to spare…

Your dedicated Realtor,

Suzi Toth Noyes