Buy Now…or Wait

Buy real estate now...or wait. It depends.


















If you are a cash buyer…..wait. 


For the rest of us it is time to get off the fence and make the investment.  The slide above is telling us that if rates go up-just 1% it does not matter that prices dropped 10%.  It will be the same house payment.  Crazy, but true.


Real Estate is and has always been a great investment.  Let me clarify, LONG TERM investment.  People who bought in 2001 and just sold in 2008 had the potential of making serious cash.  HINT: When you do buy, or if you are a current homeowner, keep your equity in your home.  As ignorant as this sounds, if you spend it now it will be gone when you sell. 


Take a look at this slide…ROI is huge for real estate investment.  Other investments are in the red. 


If you are condfident in your job and plan to live here another 5 years, jump in with both feet. 

This market has created the perfect storm for buyers.  Don't let the storm pass you by.

Your Dedicated Realtor,

Suzi Noyes