Hints for Selling YOUR Home

HGTV Show: Real Estate Intervention

Have you seen the show Real Estate Intervention on HGTV?

is great for homeowners trying or thinking about selling.  The agent,
Mike Aubrey, helps sellers make an informed decision to lower their
price or rent.  First the sellers show their home to Mike, then the
he takes the sellers out to see homes comparable to theirs that have
already SOLD.  Mike also shows them homes on the
market that are in the same price range as their home.  Many times the
other homes have more square footage, a dining room versus a kitchen
nook, a extra bathroom, etc. 

Out of the 3 shows I have seen,  2 of the sellers, rented their home instead.  One sold it for less than what they were asking before they met Mike. 

gave some strong advice, such as, "In a declining MOVING market, those
sellers who decide to set the market as opposed to chasing the market,
almost always end up with more net proceeds than those sellers that
sort of slowly BLEED out their price." 

What do you think?

  • Should you
    start high for negotiating room?
  • Or price it under market to get
    possible multiple offers and move on?