Ten things to buy before the economy improves, per Forbes

The Government has put in place a program that GIVES $8000 to home buyers who have not owned in 3 years. In some cases you can use the 8K as your down payment. Parents can co-sign even if they own a home and their kids can still get the credit. Don't kick yourself later wishing you had taken advantage of this program.

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At the top of the list is housing. Why?

Buying a home is a long term investment. Should you
buy when prices are incredibly low or when the market is hot? You will
get your greatest return when the housing market is sinking. In
Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area you can get a great deal even with
normal sales, not just distressed.

Also, should you just look at
price of a home or the monthly cost of owning a home? Those waiting for
the housing market to bottom out, may be missing a great investment:
home ownership. History has proven that interest rates will rise fast
and dramatically after all time lows. If interest rates rise, it won't
matter that house prices have dropped. Your monthly mortgage will be
higher. We are still hoovering in the low 5's. Check with your lender
to find out your "road map." It is best to find out what you can
afford, or what you are willing to spend, before looking for a home.

Government cannot hold the interest rates at an artificial low forever.
They could quickly rise. Those who keep waiting for the bottom to drop
and have to get a loan need to take into consideration all cost
involved, not just the price of the home. With interest rates still
affordable, home prices incredible, and the 8K incentive, it is the
best time to buy.

The 8000 incentive is incredible. You can now
co-sign for your kids-even if you own a home and they can get the 8k,
sometimes even at closing. Call or visit our website for more details.
This may be the best time in a generation to buy a home, per Forbes.


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