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Finding a Good Contractor is Like Finding GOLD We have all been there...asking our friends on Facebook, searching Angie's List, hunting for a good Contractor.  You think you have done your due diligence.  You think you have asked all the right questions.  You think you are both on the same page. Believe it or not, when it comes down to it - there are GOOD Contractors out there, you just have to ask the right questions and trust your gut. My Personal 2 Cents.... I poured over 25k into my great room and ended up firing my contractor in the end.  We just could not see eye to eye.  Everything

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SK8 DOJO Skating Rink in Virginia Beach - Kempsviille

Super Speed Skate, HIGH Jumps, Spinning out of Control, Laughing So Hard It Hurts...and definitely being a kid again.... Old School PLAYLIST - Sinead O'Connor, Simple Minds, Pat Benatar, The Cars, U2, Billy Idol, INXS, Def Leopard, Journey, Jon Bon Jovi, & Cheap Trick... :-) We had the best of times.  Super speed skating, laughing, singing LOUD -  all while trying not to fall.  It felt like we would never grow up. Preston. That was his name (can't believe I even remember!).  I knew he was way too old for me,  but oh, what a crush I had on him!!!! SK8 DOJO Skating Rink in Kempsville NOW

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photo 3

The Edgar Cayce Center is AMAZING Today I stole time.  Yes, I said it. I stole time doing YOGA and I loved every minute of it.  And who would have thought there was Free Yoga in Virginia Beach?!?! I went with a couple of other Spectrum Parents and the Yoga Instructor, Rachel Alvidrez was just wonderful.  She was calm, relaxed and led us through every move with ease.  I plan on stealing more time for me AGAIN and AGAIN!!  Yoga is offered Tuesday and Thursdays starting at 12:40. Free Meditation TOO I am over the top EXCITED about the FREE Meditation!!!  Rachel told us about it.  Meditati

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How to make a Birdhouse

 How to Build a Birdhouse....the Autism way!!!   McDonald Garden Center located in Virginia Beach is always doing something fun for kids. But, they are incredible by taking it a step beyond every time for us and for our kids on the Autism Spectrum. Our little Autism Group, Spectrum Parents, have enjoyed making Scarecrows, Venus Flytrap Plants, and now Birdhouses - all at McDonald Garden Center. The next event on the list is the Strawberry Event. RJ, the store manager always goes above and beyond by making sure our Autism group is taken care of and we could not be any more grateful to him and

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