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Kempsville Elementary School Reading Night Book Sale

Fears: Lunch, will people respect me, listen to me? Will I have friends? Will I be bullied? Outcome: Best day ever.   Big smiles, loves his class and was able to resolve a problem with another student on his own. P.E. even rocked. Our 5th Grader is home and had a great day!!!! New Year, New Superintendent I am so stoked that Dr. Aaron Spence has returned home and is our new Superintendent.  He has been working for VBCPS for 2 months officially and has already done so much including a live chat this past week answering questions head on: Meet and Greet with Dr. Aaron Spence

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Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

Moments to hold onto... Yesterday after surf camp, TJ repeatedly told us that Payton has no fear. This summer, between Lee's Lil Shorebreakers, Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp and riding his Dad's board, Payton has confidence like no other.  You guys have given him something no one can take way. The love of surfing and the confidence to take it to the next level. Much, much love. A big shout out from the roof tops to Mike, Brendan, TJ, Kekoa, Brian, his DAD, AND Christian, who has been there all, not to EVER FORGET Surfers Healing VB Camp where it all started. WRV Surf Ca

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buying or selling a home

Stepping off the ROLLER COASTER RIDE NOW....   A very special congratulations to Frances, Russ, and Russell. There is nothing like buying or selling a home.  Some say that the stress levels are compared to death and/or divorce.  But, Frances and Russell made it!  They got to get off the ride and open the door to their new home in Virginia Beach TODAY. We wish them many, many years of happiness in their new home - Much, Much Love and Many, Many Thanks!!! XOXO Closing Day!  Grab Your Photos Here ;-) Must Read Related Posts:  IEP Help: Moving with a child on the Autism Spec

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Lee's Lil's Shorebreakers

Lee's Lil' Shorebreakers 3rd Annual Surf Camp Lee's Lil' like no other surf camp. Every year it gets better and better and this summer was simply magical. Thank you Jean, Brian, Nick, Lauren, Jessica (& her man), Ryan, Mike, Courtney, Chad, our friend known only as 'Z', Matt, Rob, & Nancy - for all that you do for our kiddos - it was beyond amazing ;-) Grateful does not begin to cover how special I felt to be a small part of this camp.  I loved, loved, loved capturing the growth and confidence of each surfer everyday. They were insanely determined - sun, rain, and hur

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