Autism Friendly Events in Hampton Roads

Autism Events in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth

Parents with kids on the spectrum are always hunting for activities.  A place where they can take their kids without feeling judged.  Meltdown, anyone? You can do that at these events-REALLY.

Thankfully,  we have several groups in Hampton Roads that create events for kids, tweens, teens and parents: Spectrum Parents, Autism Society, FACT (Home of CampGonnaWannaGoAgain) and many more.

Some groups focus on younger kids, while others focus on tweens and teens, and some focus on the parents too. In Spectrum Parents, I focus on both kids and parents.  AND, I am thoroughly enjoying myself!  So far we have gone Paddle Boarding, Surfing, had a Girls Night Out at the Funny Bone!!  Laughter is the best form of therapy! All parents need to take care of themselves or they cannot take care of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE ELSE.

***Updated every 24 hours***

To keep up with all the great activities, I combined all of the calendars from each group to make ONE CALENDAR. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be- YEP-Google 🙂

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